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Make the user inferface and instructions easier to understand for first time users so they do not make a mess of things

Adhir1995, 09.06.2012, 10:48
Idea status: under consideration


Alexis, 10.06.2012, 01:45
The user interface is easy and friendly. For example, if you would like to switch language which you would like to read, you can also add a language. That's very easy for you to use it.
Arikidjiang, 12.06.2012, 03:25
Dear @Adhir1995
Thank you for you suggestion!
According you opinion, what we can do to handle this problem and make first users to good understand of the software?
Adhir1995, 12.06.2012, 09:55
Well, you can add some tutorials when the user opens the program so the user can understand and use the program at its best. Therefore making full use of program's utilities and features

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